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Crivitz Rescue Squad, Inc. is a volunteer-based, 501c3 non-profit emergency medical services (EMS) provider. Our mission is to provide prompt, high-quality, and around-the-clock emergency medical care to the Crivitz-Area community. Since its creation in 1953 Crivitz Rescue has been owned and operated by its general membership. Our organization is not directly affiliated with any municipalities or outside organizations. Crivitz Rescue operates two ambulances servicing portions of five townships and one village distributed over an approximate 180 square mile area.

Requirements for Membership

- Reside in the area serviced by Crivitz Rescue and/or be available in the area on a regular basis to be on-call
- Be at least 17 years of age
- Hold a valid driver's license
- Complete background screening process
- Agree to complete an emergency vehicle operator course
- Agree to complete a CPR course

Education and Training

- Crivitz Rescue sponsors all required training so long as the individual agrees to remain active with our agency for at least two years
- Monthly in-house continuing education provided
- All mandatory recertification education is provided by Crivitz Rescue

Time Requirements

- Crivitz Rescue requests that all members participate in at least two 6-hours shifts monthly
- Members are strongly encouraged to attend monthly training and meetings of the general membership to remain up-to-date

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to be an EMT?
No, members are encouraged to participate in any role. Many of our EMTs began as Emergency Vehicle Operators and/or Emergency Medical Responders.

What if I am not sure if I would like all this?
Crivitz Rescue encourages prospective members to "ride-along" to help better understand how Crivitz Rescue functions.

Will I be paid for my time?
No, Members volunteer their time to be on-call and attend meetings, trainings, and etc. Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Crivitz Rescue does offer a small stipend to its members for each call to help reimburse them for their expenses and missed opportunities.

How are your crews configured?
We schedule an Emergency Vehicle Operator, EMT, and Advanced EMT 24/7/365 in a flexible six hour block shift structure. We must have two EMTs on-board at all times, one of which must be an Advanced EMT. Crivitz Rescue does maintain a second ambulance as a backup unit and this crew typically consists of off-duty members who respond to a 9-1-1 page for a second ambulance call.

Where do I stay when on-call?
A majority of our members stay at home or work while on-call. Crivitz Rescue requires on-call members to be within 5 miles of our station at all times to ensure a quick response time. Members who do not live or work within the 5 mile response radius often stay at our station where we provide sleeping quarters, lounge, kitchen, and shower facilities.