Roles at Crivitz Rescue

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We have many roles offering different levels of involvement with Crivitz Rescue. Contact us today to learn more about the Crivitz Rescue Squad. We would be pleased to meet with you, answer any questions, and schedule ride-along opportunities.

Emergency Vehicle Operator

Responsible for the safe operation of the emergency vehicle. CRS ambulance operators complete an emergency vehicle operations course as well as maintain CPR certification.

Emergency Medical Responder

Formerly known as 'First Responder," Emergency Medical Responders learn the core essentials of emergency care and often arrive at the scene of a medical emergency prior to the ambulance crew. This allows for treatment to begin as soon as possible.

Emergency Medical Technician

Responsible for the evaluation, stabilization, and transport of the patient by following established medical protocols and standards of care.

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician

Formerly known as "IV Technician," this role shares the responsibilities of the EMT; however has been trained in advanced assessment, IV access, and the use of additional medications.